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Good Morning Gentlemen of RTSA

First off my sincerest apologies for being a bit quite during the last couple of months. I have to admit that our travels was a bit hectic. RTI World Meeting We attended a very successful RTI WM in Visby, Sweden. The new RTI Board took over the reigns, with its main purpose of furthering Round Table as an organisation worldwide. Here is the new RTI Board: President : Altaf Jeevunjee (Sri Lanka) Vice-President : Kaj Kostiander (Finland) Past-President : Jason Thompson (RTBI) E.M.A. Regional Chairman : Saku Hyttinen (Finland) A.S.P.A. Regional Chairman : Sallem Ibrahim (Sri Lanka) A.R. Regional Chairman : Irshad Paurobally (Mauritius) Bi & Tri Conferences This format I believe will prove fruitful into the future. As all but two areas (due to geographic limitations) committed to host joint conferences this will have a positive influence on the RTSA budget going forward. Thank you to all areas for the positive attitude in hosting these events. Thus far we attended: Northern Cape Winter Conference South Cape & Western Province Bi Conference in Swellendam KZN Tri Area in Port Edward RTI WM Visby, Sweden 41er SA AGM in Parys FS & STNOFS in Potch Border & EP Bi-conference in Port Alfred Upcoming travels: Mid Year Assco Meeting - Gauteng BMG Tri-conference - Gauteng 41er AGM Last year I was quite sceptical with regards to the level of fellowship we would endure at the 41er AGM, I thought it will be a quite weekend. Well I was so wrong ! This year proved no different with a well attended and organised 41er AGM in Parys. This was a memorable 41er AGM as we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between RTSA and 41er SA, (please find attached the agreement). This agreement will ensure a better working relationship between us and the 41ers. 41ers are committed in supporting RTSA, not only at project level but assisting in identifying possible candidates to join RT. RTSA Reporting We will supply a comprehensive report, including complete financials to all members after our Mid Year Assco meeting. ARTSA 2016 Gents it has been confirmed ARTSA 2016 will take place in Margate, hosted by the Natal South Coast Area. Registration should come in at below R1000 per person, affordable accommodation arrangements are being made by the committee. This promises to be on for the books. General It is really hard to believe that we are at this stage of our Round Table year. I am truly inspired and motivated on the level of tabling that I encountered. I believe as an association we are moving in the right direction, Tablers seem committed. Remember that the success of RTSA doesn’t reside with the Association Council, Exec or Area Council it is with every individual member in his own Table. Let us take care of one another and ensure individual happiness for every Tabler. Thank you all once again for allowing me to serve you as President. Yours in Table Spidey Knepscheld

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