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Dear Gentlemen of RTSA

All travels done and dusted!!! Our travel schedule during the past 24 months was extreme to say the least …. But worth every moment. My family and I were able to attend all the areas in our association twice in two years and this offered us the unique opportunity to spend time with fellow Tablers. This I believe to be the most important aspect of being a servant the our Tablers. I was confronted with difficult questions that made me think about our organization from different angles and adapt my own opinions. The one important thing that I have learnt is that Round Table is not about Fellowship or Charity !!!! Round Table is about people, people with an inherent need to make a difference in the lives of others whilst having fun. We as Round Table suffer from a slight case of missing identity or rather unsure identity. This phenomenon in itself create a divided opinion and hinder coherence. During our Shadow Assco meeting during November 2014 was all incoming Area Chairmen presented with a questionnaire to assist me in determining the individuals’ reasons for fulfilling the portfolio. One of these questions was: Round Table Fellowship or Charity? As suspected 89% said that Round Table was a fellowship organization that do charitable deeds. I then made a tongue in cheek comment that if the above is to be true we are all a grouping of socially unacceptable men without the ability to make friend in the normal sphere of society and that we have to belong to a club to have friends and enable ourselves for endless social events. I then posted another question how would you sell fellowship in the form that we know it to the public acquiring sponsorship or to attract new members. Then the discussion began as to why they all joined Round Table and as the discussion grew the opinion of the reason for involvement did not change but was once again realized. Willie “Spoed” Smith 41ers from Bloemfontein 158 was present and made the following statement which I believe to be true to its core “Fellowship is not a reason Round Table is the reason and fellowship a mere bonus” Gentlemen the success of any organization, institution or business will only be if all involved understand why they are doing what they are doing and not to lose aim of the goal. I believe every Tabler in this association became attracted to Round Table due to the good that Table offer to others. Thank you

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